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3 Reasons You’re Not Applying for the CXO Fellows Program (And Why You Should)

Applications are now open for the CXO Fellows Program. You may have heard about all the professional development opportunities that are offered to our Fellows; it’s even possible that you know someone who is a CXO Alumni. Still, you haven’t gone to the CXO website to apply. Here are 3 reasons why you haven’t clicked that “apply now” button – and why you should.

  1. I Don’t Have Time - We get it. We’re all busy. Our calendars are packed - there’s not a second in your day that’s not accounted for. And while that might be true, it’s also true that most of us don’t make time in that packed calendar for ourselves. Professional development builds confidence and makes you more successful in your work performance, so it’s important to build time in your schedule for growth.

    The CXO Fellows Program was designed with busy government professionals like you in mind. Yes, there is a time commitment each month, however, the value of the short time commitment is immeasurable when you consider the tools and skills you’ll gain as a rising leader. And speaking of leadership, here’s another reason you haven’t applied…

  2. I’m Not A Leader - You may not have the word “manager” in your job title, but consider this:

    ● When there’s a question at your agency, you’re the one people come to for the answer.
    ● During staff meetings, everyone seeks and values your opinion.
    ● Often, you’re asked to head new projects.

    When it comes down to it, you are a natural leader and the CXO Fellows Program was created for you! Our Fellows are rising leaders, the next generation of Federal Government management. We prepare Fellows for that challenge, exposing them to tools and methods that will assure success as they move upward in their careers.

  3. I’m Comfortable Where I Am - We all grow comfortable in our environments. You know your agency like the back of your hand, the way things get done, and all the players. Still, yours is but one of many Federal agencies, and each agency has employees like you with similar jobs, and with different goals. Imagine how much you might have in common with those people and what could be accomplished by cross-collaboration!

    This is another function of the CXO Fellows Program, bringing together Fellows from different agencies to learn and grow together. And if the word “networking” is intimidating to you, don’t worry! Effective interaction with strangers truly is a skill set, and it’s one of many that we’ll give you the tools to master.

It’s your time; don’t let excuses keep you from moving your career forward. Apply to be a CXO Fellow here: Application. Do it now, don’t wait!

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