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CXO Council Fellows: We've saved a seat for you


CXO Fellowship Digital Brochure

Download the CXO Fellowship Digital Brochure to learn more about the program. Plus, share the brochure with your supervisor, colleagues, or anyone who may be interested in the program!

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CXO Fellowship program helps mid-level managers hone their skills

Get the inside scoop from CXO Fellowship Program director Angela McPherson (a program alum herself!) about the invaluable experience CXO Fellows from across government gain in the year-long program.

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Advice for Future CXO Fellows: How to Get the Most Out of Your Fellowship Year

In April, we highlighted three reasons why you should apply to the CXO Fellowship Program: professional development, networking opportunities, and career growth. Check out this post full of great advice from both current fellows and program alumni.

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Program Overview

The CXO Fellowship Program is a professional development program that engages the next generation of federal leaders in acquisition/procurement, financial management/budget, human capital, and information technology. Throughout the year-long program, CXO Fellows have the opportunity to grow professionally and build a diverse network of rising leaders from across the Federal Government.

CXO Fellows remain in their current positions at their home agency and come together twice a month as a cohort for developmental sessions in leadership, cross-functional and interagency collaboration, and career development. In these sessions, CXO Fellows meet with leaders in the federal management community and gain valuable insight into innovative initiatives and best practices.

There is no cost to participate in the program. Download the CXO Fellowship Digital Brochure to learn more. Plus, share the brochure with your supervisor, colleagues, or anyone who may be interested in the program!

Image with a quote saying, “this program is helping the next generation of government leaders grow professionally. I think it is helping us learn in a more innovative way and we are able to share what we have learned with our agencies. It really helps us connect with other Federal Government agencies so we are not in our own little bubble.” Sible Goldfeiz, Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Image with a quote saying, “I thought we would only learn about what it is to become a leader, but we are learning so much more than that -- things about Agile project management, communication, networking, and more.” LaToria Wofford, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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How to Apply

Application Period

The application period for the FY2022 cohort will be coming soon.

Who Are the CXO Fellows?

CXO Fellows are mid-level federal employees (GS09-GS13) who have demonstrated leadership potential. To be considered, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be stationed in the Washington, D.C. area.
  • Must be working within the acquisition/procurement, information technology, financial management/budgeting, or human capital functions.
  • Must be in the grades of GS09-GS13.
  • Must be approved by the applicant's agency supervisor.
Image with a quote saying, “I applied to this program because I was at a point in my career where I wanted to take some next steps and was looking for new opportunities to grow.” Mindy Covington, U.S. Agency for International Development.


Our Mission

1) Connect the rising leaders across government in functions of federal acquisition/procurement, finance management/budgeting, human capital, and information technology.

2) Build relationships through cross-community collaboration and interactive discussions.

3) Invest in outstanding federal employees by broadening the scope of their knowledge and developing well-rounded leaders.

Image with a quote saying, “The CXO Fellowship Program made me consider being a CFO more. Meeting and hearing from so many people in executive positions made the job sound more accessible and fun.” Meg Oates, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Image with a quote saying, “The program has impacted my career a great deal. I switched positions at the end of the program which I was able to do thanks to the encouragement and support from the connections I made in the program.” Angie Piazza, U.S. House of Representatives.