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The Power of Cross-Agency Collaboration

Among the many benefits of the CXO Fellows Program is the opportunity to meet and collaborate with Fellows in other agencies. This is a powerful way to break down the silos that we find ourselves stuck in at some of our agencies. While that's important, there are many more advantages that you can receive from cross-agency collaboration. Below learn more about some of the benefits you can gain by becoming a CXO Fellow.

  1. Leverage Diverse Skills and Experience

    Inside your agency, you develop a language and workflow based on those you work with every day. While there's nothing wrong with that, working in a silo can be limiting. As a CXO Fellow, you are exposed to the culture of other agencies, which can broaden your frame of reference. Immersing yourself in the unique skills and backgrounds of Fellows from other agencies will equip you with a new toolset and viewpoint, which will allow you to provide a fresh perspective at your own agency.

  2. Develop a Common Language

    As we mentioned earlier, your agency has its own unique language. Within the confines of the agency, that language is understood, but from the outside, that "insider voice" can sound confusing and complicated. As our government continues to commit to plain language standards, cross-agency collaboration offers a way to test and refine the way we talk about our processes. This helps with discovering new ways to communicate simply and directly, not just with other agencies, but within the entire Federal government.

  3. Gain Higher-Level Insight

    You know your agency inside and out. Its mission and goals are familiar and baked into everything you do at work. What may give you pause from time to time is this – how does my agency's mission further the overall mission of the government? The CXO Fellows Program is one of the best places to explore that question with Fellows from other agencies. Together, you'll examine the work of multiple agencies and their unique pieces of the puzzle. Cooperatively, you'll gain a higher level of understanding of how it all works together to effectively complete the business of government. You may also find ways that your agency can work with others to enhance the effectiveness and efficiencies of both agencies.

  4. Challenge, Discover, Innovate

    Cross-agency collaboration expands your perspective. Now consider how it can completely change your views and offer solutions to any work issues you have. One of the most powerful benefits of cross-agency collaboration is the ability to bring any issues you are attempting to unravel to a group outside of your agency. Imagine, a group of experienced Fellows with no preconceived notions, helping you see the issue with new eyes, and empowering you to find new ways to find a solution!

    The cross-agency collaboration skills you'll develop and the contacts you'll make as a CXO Fellow will serve you well in your current position and for your entire career. This is just one of the many benefits of being part of the program. For more details about the CXO Fellows Program, click here.

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