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Enrollment is Open for CXO Fellows Program

"The CXO Fellows Program is an opportunity to receive guidance and make connections to propel your career in the Federal Government. The first stop if you see yourself as a future leader."
— CXO Fellow Alumnus Mark Trupiano, IT Specialist for the Department of the Treasury

Enrollment is now open for the CXO Fellows Program. This is a rare opportunity to invest in yourself and all it will cost you is your time, focus, and commitment to grow as a leader. As a GS-09 to GS-13, you’ve already shown a good understanding of how the Federal Government operates and how to get the job done within your agency. Imagine developing yourself even further by learning new leadership skills and meeting other go-getters such as yourself. Now is your time!

"It is the best development program in the government. It will broaden your perspectives on your data career in both your agency and in government as a whole, what it means to be a leader in civil service, the value in creating and maintaining relationships, and how you can take action to impact where you're at right now as a person and a leader."
— CXO Fellow Alumnus Marcia Piñeda, Program Specialist with the U.S. Forest Service's Office of Civil Rights

As a Fellow, you will meet with other rising leaders in the areas of Data, Finance, Human Capital, Finance, and Acquisition. Together, you will brainstorm ideas on how each of you can develop your career and expand your network. The idea is simple but the positive impact each class of Fellows has on each other is dramatic. 

"The CXO Fellows Program helped me develop a strong network of trusted colleagues across government (who) I have called upon several times in the years since our time in the program ended. I have also helped numerous Fellows transition to other agencies and provided them with career advice and guidance. This program helped me gain a great appreciation for the importance of civil service and the opportunity and responsibility we have to make an impact."
— CXO Fellow Alumnus Brock Walker, Assistant Director of Capital Markets & Risk Share Management at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

So, what are you waiting for? 

Perhaps you worry you are too busy. The CXO Program was designed with busy government professionals like you in mind. The short time commitment of a few hours every other Friday is not much compared to what you will get in return — tools, skills, and relationships that will help you rise in your career as a leader.

Perhaps you worry you are not currently a manager. But you may lead in ways you don’t realize. People may come to you for answers. They may value your opinion. You may be asked to lead projects. These are all attributes of a natural leader. 

Perhaps you feel you don’t need the CXO Fellows Program because you are comfortable where you are. You know your agency like the back of your hand. You already know how to get things done and all the players. Still, your agency is but one of many and each agency has employees like you with similar jobs but different goals. Imagine how much you have in common with those people and what you could accomplish if you worked together. 

The CXO Fellows Program is an initiative of the Executive Councils. If you are ready for more in your career as a leader in the Federal Government, becoming a Fellow is the perfect next step. 

To apply, candidates must: 

  • Seek supervisor approval. 
  • Be able to dedicate 10 to 15 hours a month and attend Friday meetings.
  • Be a GS9 to GS13 or equivalent. 
  • Work in Acquisition, Data, Finance, Human Capital, and IT. 

The application period for the FY 2024 CXO Fellows Program ends on June 9 at 5 p.m. (EST). For more information about the program and how to apply, click here. Your time is now!

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