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Posted By CFO Council on November 01, 2014
First Name Last Name Agency
Hicham Touti Department of Agriculture
Daeshawn Branch Department of Commerce
Filipina Hartwell Department of Commerce
Kelli Walters Department of Commerce
Helen Gu Department of Education
Cristina Johnson Department of Health & Human Services
Meredith Currie Department of Homeland Security
Andrea Hall Department of Homeland Security
David Schmitt Department of Homeland Security
De’Meshia Thornton Department of Housing and Urban Development
Chris Polen Department of Labor
Natalie Rico Department of Labor
Margarita Williams Department of the Treasury
Jose Genuino Department of Veterans Affairs
Steven Erickson Environmental Protection Agency
Anthony Timpanaro International Developmemt Agency
Nicholas Domingues National Institutes of Health
Hillary Hopper National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Alexander Balkin Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Rachel Boyer Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Carlyleamaryllis Nelson-Wilson Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Karen Carroll Social Security Administration
Bruce Lutz Social Security Administration
Patricia Monreal-Polk Social Security Administration
Shenika Smith Social Security Administration
Viktoria Wooten United States Coast Guard
Morgan Greene United States Navy

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