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Posted By CFO Council on January 28, 2014

Recruiting and retaining top talent in the federal service is one of the CFO Council’s priorities. Understanding the importance in developing the next generation of federal Financial leaders, the Council developed the Finance Fellows Program. CFOs and the Deputy CFOs were asked to nominate high performing professionals from their agency or department who have demonstrated strong leadership potential and would benefit from educational and networking opportunities outside of their agency. The program provides an opportunity for the Fellows to grow professionally through a unique set of educational forums and events sponsored by the CFOC. Fellows meet with leaders in the federal financial community and learn about innovative government operations by attending “Inside Government” events. Fellows experience firsthand a unique component of the host agency’s operations and learn from senior officials how the Agency is managed and integrated within the government’s overall mission.

The inaugural class includes 22 Fellows from 14 agencies who are invited to participate in the monthly events sponsored by the CFO Council.

13-14 Fellows


First Name Last Name Agency
Janani Ramachandran Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Rachel Hong Department of Commerce
Diane Rodrigues Department of Commerce
Peter Burlimann Department of Education
Min Kim Department of Homeland Security
Brian Nichols Department of Homeland Security
Matt Seaman Department of Homeland Security
Emily Gilcrest Department of Housing and Urban Development
Samone Gunn Department of Housing and Urban Development
Ryan Jeun Department of Labor
Kevin Goins Department of the Interior
Brock Walker Department of the Treasury
Maggie Cook Department of Veterans Affairs
Monica Reyes Department of Veterans Affairs
Joseph Layman Environmental Protection Agency
Zeb Agbanyim National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Melissa Brown National Parks Service
Linda Yee Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Rebecca Harcum Social Security Administration
Robert Schuster Social Security Administration

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