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CXO Fellows Program Applicant Checklist

The CXO Fellows Program offers an engaging opportunity for Federal Employees to develop leadership and career-building skills while networking and collaborating with like-minded individuals from other federal agencies. The Fellows gather virtually at least twice a month, from October to September, for developmental sessions, where they meet with leaders from both the private sector and federal government, who share valuable insights based on their experiences. There is no cost to become a CXO Fellow, but there are some participation guidelines for those who are considering applying. The following checklist offers the basic requirements for consideration.

  1. Candidates must be a GS9-GS13 or equivalent

  2. Candidates must work in any of these five categories:
    • Acquisition/Procurement
    • Information Technology
    • Financial Management/Budget
    • Human Capital
    • Data
  3. Candidates must seek Supervisor approval to apply

  4. Candidates must be able to dedicate 10-15 hours a month to the program as sessions are held on Fridays

After fulfilling these requirements, candidates may apply online during the application window.

That said, there is another “unofficial” checklist of equally important criteria for potential Fellows.

  1. You must be willing to put in the time. Put the session on your calendar, mark yourself out of the office, turn “do not disturb” on your phone. This may seem obvious, however, in our ever-distracted world, it can be difficult to unplug. These sessions are valuable but only as valuable as you make them. Allow yourself this time to engage, interact, network, and learn!

  2. You must be open to growth. The CXO Fellows Program teaches valuable lessons in professional development, with an emphasis on leadership, collaboration, and career growth. The program encourages the Fellows to take what they learn back to their current job and to consider upward movement in their professional lives. It was created with rising leaders in mind. That said, becoming a CXO Fellow carries a responsibility to become one of our government’s next generation of leaders.

  3. You must be open to collaboration. Now more than ever, we find ourselves not just siloed in our agencies, but also physically isolated, as so many of us continue to work from home. It’s been easy to become a bit of a hermit. As we move forward, our human interaction skills could use a refresher. If the word “Networking” makes you break into a cold sweat, the CXO Fellows Program will change that for you. Cross-collaboration with Fellows from other agencies and functions will not just open your eyes to the way they work but will lead to network-building and growth. This is powerful as you move forward in your career – who knows where these new connections might lead you!

Does this list get you excited about the potential of being a CXO Fellow? Then follow the list and apply! The application window opens on May 1st.

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