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Posted By CFO Council on December 15, 2015

Be bold, be nimble, and be creative — these were the directives the current class of CXO Fellows received at a mid-December briefing from senior leaders at the Office of Management and Budget. As part of the CXO Fellows curriculum, Fellows participated in an interactive discussion with OMB leaders to learn about the Administration’s priorities and how to maximize their impact in the Federal Government.

First, Fellows heard from Karen Lee, Branch Chief at the Office of Federal Financial Management, about how Fellows can be at the cutting edge of federal financial management. Lee also encouraged the group not to be discouraged by a seemingly endless need to do more with less, as they are learning valuable skills and experiences that will make them stronger leaders.

Next, Fellows heard from Anne Rung, Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy. Leading OFPP, rung told the Fellows about her effort to do procurement better, using as an example the overkill of the Department of Defense’s 26-page RFP for brownies. In addition to outlining her efforts with OMB to build and train a better procurement system and workforce, Rung shared her professional journey and why she chose public service over a career in the private sector. She encouraged the Fellows to continue their federal career journey, as their leadership is crucial to the development the federal workforce.

The CXO Fellows Program is comprised of rising stars in the federal finance, acquisitions, and IT sectors at the mid-career level who have shown leadership potential and acumen. Fellows are identified and nominated by their respective government agencies to participate in a year-long program consisting of graduate-level educational seminars at NDU in leadership development and cross-functional issues affecting the Federal Government . Fellows also attend Inside Government events and briefings by senior government officials, gaining a government-wide perspective on good governance, efficiency, and innovation. Fellows will also collaborate on a group project during the summer months to foster agency and sector communication and create lasting connections among the class.

An official website of the Federal Government

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