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The 2015-2016 CXO Fellows class represents an expansion of the well-regarded program to serve not only the Federal financial management community, but the acquisitions and IT sectors as well.

First Name Last Name Agency
Matthew Chmielewski Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Laura Molyneaux Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Andu Aklog Department of Commerce
Diane Belford-Gemar Department of Commerce
Virginia Scott Department of Commerce
Whitney Anderson Department of Defense
Heather Bailey Department of Defense
Amy Denning Department of Defense
Tara Winn Department of Defense
Sadie Moulton Department of Education
Marelis Sanchez Department of Education
Alan Tsang Department of Education
Gregory Benedict Department of Health and Human Services
Darnell Laurry Department of Health and Human Services
Kristin Dalboe Department of Homeland Security
Russ Freshwater Department of Homeland Security
Sandra Oliver Department of Homeland Security
Kimberly Campbell Department of Housing and Urban Development
Breonna Miller Department of Housing and Urban Development
Ashley Bacon-Ward Department of Justice
Maria Hishikawa Department of Justice
David Marshall Department of Justice
Keenan Robinson Department of Justice
Kevin Yasuda Department of Justice
Claire Lin Department of Labor
Brett Pickett Department of Labor
Neil Starzynski Department of Labor
Carlton Walker Department of Labor
Matthew Coulon Department of the Interior
Jill Larvo Department of the Interior
Lauren Breitenother Department of the Treasury
Benjamin Patterson Department of the Treasury
Linda Rines Department of the Treasury
Truline Rodgers Department of the Treasury
Hector Santamaria Department of Transportation
Guang Zeng Department of the Treasury
Terri McCrea Department of Veterans Affairs
Joseph Ronzio Department of Veterans Affairs
Andrew Prugar Environmental Protection Agency
Veryl-Ann Lanisquot International Development Agency
Christopher Nikola International Development Agency
Eric Hartman National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Wanda Moore National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Willis Phan National Science Foundation
James Peyton Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Georgia Weindling Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Michelle Earley Office of Personnel Management
Jason Kruse Office of Personnel Management
Fernando Santiago Office of Personnel Management
Eric Anderson Social Security Administration
Sequoia Williams Social Security Administration

An official website of the Federal Government

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