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Welcome to the Council on Federal Financial Assistance (COFFA)! We are a dedicated community of professionals committed to enhancing the effectiveness and transparency of federal financial assistance programs. Our mission is to foster collaboration, innovation, and excellence in the administration of federal funds.



The COFFA provides strategic direction and policy recommendations to OMB on all federal financial assistance related matters and is a partnership among all federal financial assistance making agencies to provide a single voice on federal financial assistance policy, management, and technology activities. The COFFA goals are to:

  • Ensure more consistent application and interpretation of government-wide federal financial assistance policy, management, and business data standards.
  • Establish direction and guidance for successful implementation of all government-wide federal financial assistance initiatives, including high-priority programs with governmentwide synergies.
  • Improve engagement with other governmental stakeholders, Congress, and the oversight community
  • Create a standardized forum for agencies to proactively communicate issues and challenges to inform and recommend new federal financial assistance policy and changes to existing policy.
  • Support the continuous development of the skills and capacity of the federal financial assistance workforce.

An official website of the Federal Government

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