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The Support Team


We are a dynamic team of problem solvers providing cross-functional support to the COFFA and the related initiatives. We deliver streamlined meeting management, communications, resources, cross-council coordination, and project and program management support.


Administrative Functions in Support of the COFFA

  • Logistics. Work to ensure the COFFA members can focus on the objectives instead of the meeting logistics.
  • Communications. Develop well-crafted messaging and materials to support various initiatives and projects undertaken by the COFFA.
  • Resources. Provide access to a wide range of data collection and meeting support tools for the COFFA meetings and working groups.

Coordination Across Government

  • Cross-council coordination. Connect with other government-wide councils to expand our knowledge base and extend our reach.
  • Cross-agency connections. Coordinate engagement with government agencies on the COFFA related topics.

Initiative and Project Management in Support of the COFFA Priorities

  • Outreach. Share and distribute summaries and outputs for the COFFA projects and initiatives.
  • Meeting support. Oversee logistics for the COFFA working group meetings for select projects and initiatives.
  • Project Management. Support the COFFA discussions and implementation plans for select projects and initiatives with project plans, documentation, and maintenance of outputs.

If you are interested in learning more about the Council on Federal Financial Assistance or discussing our resources, please reach out to us at!

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