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Federal Financial Assistance Training

PDF Version of the Grants Training Modules

During a transition to a new web platform, we identified technical issues with the original Grants Training Modules that have prevented us from restoring them to their interactive format. Below you will find the PDF version of the Grants Training Modules, as well as a new introductory training module. Please note, there is no completion certificate with this PDF format.

Grants Training

Training is integral to establishing desired norms, behaviors and expectations. Creating a platform to share learning opportunities advances the COFFA ability to increase effectiveness and transparency of federal financial assistance programs.

Please Note: To properly view all Grants 101 Training Modules, please use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Please also make sure that Flash is enabled for your selected browser. All training modules will open in new tabs.

Grants Training 101: 5 Modules

Grants Training 101 Modules are available on this page. Here is the Introduction to Federal Financial Assistance to help guide what you will learn.

The training is designed to provide Federal officials a basic knowledge training on grants and cooperative agreements. The training is not designed to provide detailed administrative, accounting and audit requirements that are specific to programs based on their statutory provisions, agency regulations and guidance. Thus, this training should be supplemented by materials that are specific to agency guidance and requirements.

Module 1 - Laws, Regulations And Guidance

This module presents the underlying laws, regulations, policies, practices, and guidance for grant or cooperative agreement programs, including their legal order of precedence and their relevance to different recipient types. Lesson 1 presents the basics for Statutes, Regulations, and Guidance. Lesson 2 discusses applicability of the governing regulations by recipient type.

Please note: There is no audio used in Module 1.

Module 2 - Financial Assistance Mechanisms

This module presents the multiple types of Federal assistance programs - the difference between them and the use of specific award instrument. Lesson 1 describes the types of assistance awards and Lesson 2 describes the appropriate use for each types of award instrument.

Please note: There is no audio used in Module 2.

Module 3 - Uniform Guidance Administrative Requirements

This module provides an introduction to the general provisions, pre- and post-award administrative requirements outlined in Subparts A through D of the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) for Federal awarding agencies and award recipients. The module includes examples of how Federal awarding agencies apply these requirements into their day-to-day grants management practices and what is required by the award recipient during the period of performance.

Module 4 - Cost Principles

This module provides an introduction to the cost principles that apply to award recipients outlined in the Uniform Guidance 2 CFR 200. This module will outline the general principles governing cost, indirect costs, costs that require prior approval, other highlighted costs, and examples of how agencies apply the costs principles as they are administering grant and cooperative agreements.

Module 5 - Risk Management And Single Audit

This module provides common techniques to manage risk to strengthen compliance with the Uniform Guidance 2 CFR 200 and an introduction to the single audit requirements, including recipient and Federal awarding agency requirements.

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