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Compliance Supplement

The Compliance Supplement assists auditors in performing required audits, as required by the Single Audit Act of 1996 and 2 CFR Part 200, Subpart F. The Supplement is a document that identifies existing, important compliance requirements that the federal government expects to be considered as part of an audit required by the Single Audit Act. The Supplement provides an up-to-date source of information for auditors to understand the federal program’s objectives, procedures, and compliance requirements most likely to cause improper payments, fraud, waste, abuse, or generate audit findings for which the federal awarding agency will take sanctions.

2021 Addendum 1 - Federal Register Notice 12 03 21

Education Exchange Stabilization Fund Compliance Supplement

Treasury SLFRF Compliance Supplement

2021 Addendum 2 - Federal Register Notice

USDA 10.542 – Pandemic EBT – Food Benefits

USDA 10.649 – Pandemic EBT – Admin Costs

HHS 93.575 – Child Care and Development Block Grant

HHS 93.499 – Low Income Household Water Assistance Program

HHS 93.558 - TANF

HUD 14.871 – Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers

DOT 20.315 – National Railroad Passenger Corporation Grants

2021 Technical Update – Federal Register Notice

HHS 93.498 – PRF – Technical Update

Treasury 21.027 -SLFRF – Technical Update

Supplement Part 8 Appendix VII – Technical Update

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